Act & Rules

NDC Act 1976


  • Control of Narcotic Drug Production, delivery and abuse
  • Power to enter, search, seize and arrest without warrant.
  • Legal telephone tapping and censorship
  • Punishment up to life imprisonment and confiscation of property
  • Punishment to those who fail to cooperate by concealing particulars of document pertaining to narcotic drugs investigation.
  • Destruction of narcotic drugs.
  • Extra territorial applicability.
  • Reward to informers and investigators.
  • Exemption from punishment for any consequences that may occur out of good faith.


लागू औषध विरुद्धको हाम्रो चाहाना: स्वस्थ र सुरक्षित समाजको कामना । लागू औषध मुक्त जीवन: स्वच्छ ,स्वस्थ र समुन्त्र समाज । लागू पदार्थ सेवन नगरौ सभ्य समाजको निर्माण गरौ ।